Take Two for August 2, 2013


Uruguay pushes legislation to fully legalize marijuana

It would make the South American nation the first country in the world to create a government-regulated marijuana industry, and could become law as soon as this month.
TO GO WITH AFP STORY "Tijuana: A City Un
Drugs aren't the only horror perpetrated by the Mexicans cartels' vast network of illegal activity, as billions are made in sex trafficking.

Friday Flashback: Job Numbers, Obama on tour and more

Americans struggle to find work, while Congress takes a vacation. Just a couple of topics we'll dig into now, on the Friday Flashback, our look at the big events and news of the week.
X Games - 1

Saying goodbye to the X-Games in LA (Photos)

After 10 years, the X-Games leaves LA. But it could not have grown popular without the people of Southern California.
Ozomatli will be perfoming tonight at Cal Plaza in Downtown L.A. The band's Will Abers and Ulises Bella joined Kun and host Alex Cohen in the studios in July, to talk about their music and Kun's ongoing project.
Fronteras Desk

Security trumps environment in border fence building

Congress is considering building hundreds of miles of new fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border as part of immigration reform.

World-class boxing finds a home in Macau

Macau long ago overtook Las Vegas as gambling's top location. Now it seems it's jockeying for position in the "sweet science."
Sydney Roller Derby - Behind The Scenes

What is a Roller Derby wedding?

The Derby Wedding is a union between two women, aka Your Derby Wife. It's not romantic. It's not even about being best friends. It's about choosing -- and celebrating -- your partner in skates.
Protesters demonstrate against alleged NSA surveillance in Germany during a rally in Hannover, Germany, on Saturday.
Since the revelations about the NSA's data gathering program surfaced, there have been plenty of discussions about privacy online. Citizens wonder if they can trust the government or the giant online companies that handle their personal information.
Malibu Beach Isopods - 1

Beachcombing: Loss of isopods raises questions about beach health (photos)

Sand-burrowing isopods live in a beach's intertidal zone; a new UCSB study finds them, and their favored habitat, in peril, mostly due to coastal development.
Cage Diving With Great White Sharks In South Africa

Shark population under attack from human hunters

The public tends to think of as fearsome predators on the attack, but it's actually the sharks who are under attack from humans. And their numbers are dwindling.
LA Magazine

Preview of LA Magazines 'Best of LA' issue

If you want to have the best weekend ever you might want to pick up the Best of LA guide from Los Angeles Magazine.
Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium to host LA Galaxy, Real Madrid soccer matches (Photos)

For the first time in its 51-year history, Dodger Stadium will host a soccer match. But if you think that's stranger, wait until the place transforms into a hockey rink.
Rare Corpse Flower
With two corpse flowers blooming in the last two weeks — and botanists cultivating more in captivity — the rare corpse flower is becoming less so.
Huntington Jacqueline Dugas
Jacqueline Dugas has been winding the Huntington Library's 18th century clocks since 1989. It turns out this week she's handing over the keys and retiring.
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