Take Two for August 5, 2013

Members of Congress are back in their districts for summer recess, but you might be hard-pressed to come up with an idea of what they got done before leaving Washington.
Detroit Teeters On Edge Of Bankruptcy

Should undocumented immigrants be welcomed in Detroit?

With an immigration bill stalled in the House, one research scholar from NYU has a provocative idea: Allow the undocumented to move to the U.S., provided they move to Detroit or any other city in need of more people and an economic boost.
LA Archbishop Celebrates Mass In Honor Of New Pope
Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez is the highest-ranking Latino in the U.S. Catholic Church. Two years into his tenure as the head of the country's largest archdiocese, Gomez has written a book outlining his thoughts on immigration, including a call for a path to citizenshi

Would you raise a child in downtown LA? Leaders are planning for it (poll)

Leaders argue more families would encourage residents to be invested in the community, which will boost the economy. But some say there are still challenges to living in the city center.
Mercer 9931

On The Lot: 2 Guns, Avatar sequels and more

Time for On The Lot, our weekly summary of news from the movie business with LA Times reporter Rebecca Keegan.
Stuntman Jim Wilkey flipped the 18-wheeler in "The Dark Knight," and his grandfather-in-law was the most famous stuntman of all time.
Reading Fightin Phils v Trenton Thunder

MLB could slap A-Rod with a long suspension

Major League Baseball is expected to suspend Yankees 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez for the rest of this season and all next season, too.
Gillibrand Announces GOP Support For Prosecution System For Military Sex Assaults
The Pentagon is set to roll out new rules on how it will handle sexual assault in the military, but the new rules are already in a previously passed House bill.
TWC CBS Negotiations

CBS remains dark for Time Warner customers

Tonight, "Undercover Boss "and "Hawaii Five-O" will remain dark on CBS unless the network can reach an agreement with Time Warner. Variety digital editor Todd Spangler joins Take Two with the latest.
Downtown Los Angeles Skyline
If you're traveling and looking for a warm welcome, LA might not be the place to go. Conde Nast Traveler's Readers' Choice Survey just ranked lala land as one of the unfriendliest cities in the U.S.
CalArts Summer Program - 1

Students bask in arts nirvana at state summer school

515 students attended this year's California State Summer School for the Arts. The program has survived and thrived for 27 years despite arts cuts nationwide.
City Of Charlotte Prepares To Host 2012 Democratic Convention
To tip or not to tip? The perennial question is coming up again this week after Saints Quarterback Drew Brees's tipped $3 on a $74 take-out order, prompting waves of outrage on Twitter.
Champagne sits on the counter of Vintage

US Postal Service considers lifting alcohol shipping ban

Bartenders expect a little tip when they bring some wine to your seat, but how much would you pay if the one filling up your glass was your mail carrier?
Hopi Art

Art dealer returns Hopi sacred items after change of heart

An art dealer who bought two Hopi sacred items at a Paris auction last spring has decided to return them to the Northern Arizona tribe. For the Fronteras Desk, Laurel Morales reports.
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