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Take Two for August 9, 2013

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Silver Fire - Thursday
More than 1,400 firefighters and six helicopters are working around the clock to battle the Silver Fire, and that doesn't come cheaply.
Homeland Security Agencies Work To Secure U.S.-Mexico Border In Arizona
A California Supreme Court ruling yesterday could help immigrants who've had minor brushes with the law. As the California Report's Scott Shafer says, the decision could make it easier for some people to avoid deportation.
Fannie Mae's headquarters in Washington, DC.
It's finally Friday. Time for a little analysis of the biggest news stories of the week. Joining us from Washington is Atlantic editor Garance Frank-Rutah and back in the Flashback chair here in studio is James Rainey of the LA Times
Donna Nelson

'Breaking Bad': The real woman behind Walter White's meth chemistry

As AMC's hit series returns this Sunday, KPCC's Take Two pulls back the curtain on the real-life chemistry professor who provides the science behind Walter White's blue meth
Back in 1958, legendary singer Nat King Cole released his first album that was completely in Spanish. Recently his daughter, Natalie Cole, followed in his footsteps by releasing her own spanish album: 'Cole En Espanol.'

Ask.fm is the latest hotbed of cyberbullying among teens

Ask.fm is all the rage among teens these days. Unfortunately, it's also become a popular site for cyberbullies.
Almost 20 years before gay marriage became legal in California, he traded wedding bands with his partner Sean Sasser, who was also HIV-positive.
desert tortoise
Before humans moved in to the Mojave desert and began building tract homes and army bases and solar farms, it was the land of the tortoise.

Tarahumara people fight logging in old growth forests

One of the Mexico's most isolated indigenous groups, the Tarahumara, has won a significant legal victory, protecting its land. Mexican courts have suspended logging permits affecting old growth forests in the group's ancestral territory in the Sierra Madre of northern Mexico.
The House's Gang of Eight, now down to just seven members, still hasn't come up with its version of an immigration reform proposal.

How does Netflix's algorithm know what you want to watch?

Have you ever taken a look at your Netflix's "Suggested for You" queue? It's an algorithm-generated list that's supposed to take all the stuff you've watched and tell you what else you might like.

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