Take Two for August 12, 2013

Embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner leaves therapy early

Former Congressman Bob Filner of San Diego

Bill Wechter/Getty Images

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner arrives at a news conference on July 26 to announce his intention to seek professional help for sexual harassment issues. He's reported to have left therapy a week ahead of schedule.

The saga of San Diego mayor Bob Filner continues.

Filner's lawyers said this weekend he's wrapped up the therapy he sought after several women accused him of sexual harassment. He's left therapy a week earlier than expected, although it remains unclear when he went into treatment.

He is set to return to City Hall next Monday, but a rally is already being planned for noon today in front of his office. It's being called a "Not Welcome Back" rally.

Today is the day that Filner is supposed to respond with a statement to the organizers of a recall effort. For more on all of this is Sandhya Dirks from KPBS in San Diego.

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