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Judge orders 60-day 'cooling off period' for striking BART workers

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A sign is posted outside of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Rockridge station on August 2, 2013 in Oakland. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The standoff between the Bay Area Rapid Transit system and its union workers continues.

There was concern BART workers would go on strike if talks hadn't progressed, but yesterday, a judge ordered a 60-day 'cooling off period,' and no strikes can be implemented until October 10th.

That's good news for BART riders. The injunction prevents a repeat of the scene from last month, when BART workers walked out of their jobs and increased traffic across the Bay Area. But if officials and unions can't come to an agreement, union members would be free to strike after October 10.

For more on the BART labor standoff, Kevin Roose, a Bay-Area-based writer for New York Magazine joins the show with more. 

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