Take Two for August 13, 2013

Border town deportations can be dangerous for migrants

Fronteras Desk

Maria Ines Zamudio

A group of deportees gather inside the shelter for Bible study. At least one of the men in the group had been kidnapped by the Zetas drug cartel. The man, from Central America, said he escaped after having been held for more than 10 days. He wished to remain anonymous.

The Obama administration has deported more than 1.9 million people from the United States since 2009. That's a record number that surpasses deportations under President George W. Bush’s two terms in office.

A recent report by human rights group Washington Office on Latin America says certain deportation practices place migrants in danger — deportees are often released into some of Mexico’s most violent border cities, and often in the middle of the night, with no documentation, no money, no resources to protect themselves.

For the Fronteras Desk, Maria Ines Zamudio reports.

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