Take Two for August 13, 2013

LA City Council to vote on curbside gardens

Ron Finley's garden in Crenshaw

Leo Duran/KPCC

Ron Finley presides over a neighborhood "salad bowl" with his street-side garden in Crenshaw.

Sidewalk vantage of Ron Finley's garden

Leo Duran/KPCC

Finley's garden presides over the corner of W Exposition Blvd and Chesapeake Av, a stone's throw from the LA Metro Expo line.

Ron Finley's vegetables

Leo Duran/KPCC

Finley started his edible garden in 2010: "One of the reasons it got started was because getting healthy food in this area was non-existent."

Streetside view of Ron Finley's garden

Leo Duran/KPCC

Finley's garden runs along the curb next to his home. He hopes that his whole neighborhood will soon look like this so the community can share in the bounty.

Today the LA City Council is set to vote on a motion that would allow residents to plant gardens on parkways. These small stretches of land between the sidewalk and curb are seen as fertile ground by urban gardeners.

Ron Finley is one such urban gardener. We introduced you to him a few months back, just before he gave a talk on guerilla gardening at the annual TED conference. Ron joins the show from his home in South Central LA.  

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