Take Two for August 16, 2013

Today in Egypt, gunfire rang out across Cairo as thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters took to the streets. At least 17 people have died.
Seminole Indian Reservation Opens New Casino In Everglades
Recently one Indian tribe received approval for a different sort of casino. One that was not on reservation land, but on land owned by the tribe.
It's Friday! Time for the Friday Flashback, our recap of the week's biggest news stories. Joining us is Lizzie O'Leary who's hosting the show Marketplace this week, and National Journal's Shane Goldmacher.
Interracial friendship
Author Tanner Colby explains why most white Americans tend to only have friends of the same race.
LAUSD Warehouse

Where does LA Unified keep supplies for 650,000 kids? Think big.

L.A. Unified's massive supply warehouse is a treasure trove of pencils, playground equipment, janitors’ buckets – the myriad items a school needs.
Officials announced yesterday that installation of solar panels has begun at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The move delivers on a promise the Obama administration made almost three years ago.
Proposed San Francisco Ban On Sale Of Shark Fins Stirs Protest And Debate
Aeveral Chinese-American businesses and suppliers of shark fins have asked a federal appeals court to overturn the ban. Their cause got a boost from the Obama administration, which states the state law interferes with commercial shark fishing.
The Internet Police

How online crime ushered in the age of the 'Internet Police'

Preventing crime online is a tremendously difficult task. Nate Anderson of Ars Technica, and author of "Internet Police: How Crime Went Online and the Cops Followed."

Even privacy apps can't guarantee your privacy

More and more services have cropped up to help people conduct business on the Internet without being tracked. They've grown more popular partly due to revelations about the NSA's data gathering programs.
Magazine writers Joshuah Bearman and Josh Davis recently started a new project called Epic to help other magazine writers get their pieces translated to the big screen.
Sam Phillips

Musician Sam Phillips is back with 'Push Any Button'

This week, musician Sam Phillips released her latest album, "Push Any Button." The name was inspired by the notion of a jukebox, that you could push any button and find a different, delightful song.
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