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On The Lot: 'The Butler' is a hit, new Miyazaki and more

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The big 'O' has done it again. Oprah's new movie "The Butler" was a huge hit, raking in more than $25 million on its opening weekend. Here to talk about this and other Hollywood news for our weekly segment, On The Lot, is Rebecca Keegan from the L.A. Times.

On tap today:

"The Butler" was a huge hit, but how much did the Oprah factor have to do with it doing so well? There were other factors at play here too. It turns out that it also got a big publicity bump from black churches. Was it an active decision by the movie executives to engage the community on something like this?

Even though it was successful, "The Butler" did have a tough time getting off the ground. It took about five years to bring the story to the big screen. Still, is that an excuse for the fact that they had 37 different people credited as producers on this film? I assume that's not normal?

What could this do for director Lee Daniels' career? He had his breakthrough with "Precious" in 2009, but could this take him to the next level?

We move on from Oprah to one of her most famous interviewees to date: Lance Armstrong. Hollywood's racing to put out a movie on the famous cyclist. Who's currently in contention to play the roles?

Beloved Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki has faced some controversy around his new movie, "The Wind Rises". What's going on?

If you're having trouble waking up, you can finally get weird with some David Lynch coffee:

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