Take Two for August 20, 2013

Pelican Bay State Prison.
Prison officials now have the legal authority to use force feeding to keep hunger strikers alive, but critics say doing so would violate both medical ethics and international law.
LAPD Video

Report: Prison realignment is costly for the LAPD

The report shows that realignment has caused the Los Angeles Police Department to move more than 160 police officers from their regular patrol beats to monitor L.A.-based ex-cons full-time once they've been released from prison.
Schwarzenegger Holds Press Conference On Passing Of California Budget
The full California legislature is now back in session in Sacramento after summer break. Legislators might still be in vacation-mode but they're up against a ticking clock. Before they adjourn again next month, lawmakers have more than 1,100 bills to address, or an average of about 55 bills a day.

Ask.fm changes safety policy to combat cyber bullying

In recent weeks, more suicides have been tied to bullying on Ask.fm, and there's mounting pressure for the site to better protect its young users.
Department of Children and Family Services

Shortage of foster parents straining LA County's child welfare system

Traditionally, the foster care system has struggled with a shortage of homes for older children. Suddenly, there's a need of foster parents for babies and no one is sure why.
It's time for Tuesday Reviewsday our weekly new music segment. Joining us this week is Oliver Wang from Soul-Sides.com and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes.
Al Jazeera America is now live on TV sets around the country. Just this hour, the TV news network launched its first national broadcast in the U.S.
Activist Demonstrate Against High Cost Of College Education In U.S.
Students are borrowing more and relying on federal grants and loans to help with tuition, according to information released today from the Education Department.
Students at UCLA

Are online courses ready for prime time?

Massive open online courses, or MOOCS, have generated a lot of excitement and political heat, mainly because they promise to revolutionize education or make it cheaper to offer students the classes they need to graduate.

Tech industry slump negatively affecting US stocks

As the rest of the economy struggled, the tech world continued to perform. However, over the past year, sales of consumer electronics started to slow. Companies like Google and Apple have posted less than stellar earnings.
Have you stopped texting and driving?
The dangers of distracted driving have been well documented and laws have been enacted to discourage it, but why is it still an increasing problem?
BMX bikes

BMX pro uses bikes to steer kids away from drugs

BMX pro racer Tony Hoffman lost his way not long ago when he stopped racing and started using drugs. Now Hoffman teaches more than riding bikes on rough terrain, he also preaches character development and staying off drugs.
Los Angeles Dodgers v Miami Marlins
Last night in baseball, the L.A. Dodgers lost to the Miami Marlins by a score of six to two. It was the Dodgers' second loss in a row, but before the two losses, the Dodgers had gone 42 and 8 in their last 50 games. That was the best 50 game stretch in baseball since 1942.
Author Elmore Leonard Portrait Session And Book Signing At Book Soup

Crime novelist Elmore Leonard dead at 87

Elmore Leonard, the crime novelist whose books became famous films, died Tuesday morning. He was 87.
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