Take Two for August 21, 2013

Piecing together the clues behind the rash of sea lion deaths

Weak sea lion pups

Mary Plummer

Malnourished and dehydrated sea lion pups recovering in the "intensive care unit" of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach.

11 - Port Pilots Los Angeles

Mae Ryan/KPCC

Sea lions relax on a buoy in The Port of Los Angeles.

It's been a grim time for Southern California sea lions. The creatures have been dying at an alarming rate and hundreds have washed up on shore, gravely malnourished.

Scientists have been baffled by this phenomena and have yet to nail down a cause. Now as new pups are being born, wildlife experts are wondering if this next generation of sea lions will be able to survive.

Wired science reporter Nadia Drake joins the show with more.  

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