Take Two for August 21, 2013

Are AP classes really worth the investment?

Advanced Placement Raising Standards

Patrick Semansky/AP

In this May 1, 2012 photo, teacher Kayla Morrow, standing at left, teaches an Advanced Placement government class at the Academy for College and Career Exploration in Baltimore. In May 2012, 2 million students took 3.7 million end-of-year AP exams, figures well over double those from a decade ago

Before college-bound students even *think about taking the LSATS they've got to get through high school.

Hundreds of millions of federal dollars have been spent nudging more students into Advanced Placement classes. Enrollment nearly tripled but a close look at those students test scores show that it might not be worth the investment.

Stephanie Simon, Senior Education Reporter at Politico has been looking into it. 

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