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Beachcombing: A new generation of spearfishermen hunts conservatively (photos)

by Molly Peterson | Take Two®

Dr. Joe Farlo spearfishes near Redondo Beach on Wednesday, Aug. 14. The sport of spearfishing started in San Diego during World War II. Maya Sugarman/KPCC

This story is part of our summer series "Beachcombing," in which KPCC reporters will explore the ecology, economy and culture of Southern California's beaches and coast. Let us know what you think in the comments below or on KPCC's Facebook page.

This summer, we've been exploring southern California's coast through the eyes of the people closest to it. But some get closer than mostby diving in deep water off places like Catalina and Palos Verdes.

In the latest story in our Beachcombing series, KPCC's Molly Peterson introduces us to local spearfishermen

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