Take Two for August 23, 2013

Charter Bus Crash - 1

Looking into the safety of LA-area tour bus companies

Tour bus operators are once again under a microscope after yesterday's crash on the 210 in Irwindale that injured more than 50 people. Authorities say the bus clipped the back of another car while changing lanes, swerved and rolled over onto its side off the freeway.
Las Vegas Strip Exteriors
Part of a thriving business of Chinese-run bus tours that take customers to desert casinos every day. Dr. Timothy Fong is well-acquainted with these companies as co-director of the Gambling Studies program at UCLA.
San Diego Mayor

What happens next if San Diego Mayor Bob Filner resigns?

Later today, San Diego's City Council will meet to vote on a deal about mayor Bob Filner's future. The mayor, who's facing multiple accusations of sexual harassment, is expected to resign.
Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, who now asks to be referred to as Chelsea, dressed as a woman in this 2010 photograph.

Friday Flashback: Chelsea Manning, student loans and more

It's Friday, and time for our weekly Friday Flashback, a look at the week's biggest news stories. Back in the saddle again here in studio is James Rainey of the L.A. Times, and in Washington, DC we've got The Atlantic's Molly Ball.
Spearfishing - 1

Beachcombing: A new generation of spearfishermen hunts conservatively (photos)

Some Southern Californians get close to the coast, closer than most, diving deep to places like Catalina and Palos Verdes. Spearfishing is a multigenerational sport.
Edgar Wright
The British filmmaker talks about "The World's End," why we're obsessed with the apocalypse and how Delta Airlines may have inspired his next film.
Head Start Cuts Pomona
Automatic federal spending cuts known as the sequester are starting to hit programs for the poor. The Obama Administration announced this week that 57,000 children nationwide will lose out on free preschool classes as a result.
Yosemite - Peterson
Congratulations and happy birthday to the National Park Service, which celebrates 97 years this weekend. Here in California, we boast 26 national parks including a couple of the most famous, Yosemite and Death Valley.
Case Study House Stahl House
At one time there were several dozen of them scattered around southern California, now eleven of them in the L.A. area have been added to the National Register of Historic Places under the National Park System.
Williams Book Store
After 104 years in business, San Pedro's Williams' Book Store — the oldest operating bookstore in the city of L.A. — is closing.
Fish Tacos

How fish tacos crossed the border

The fish taco is San Diego's most famous contribution to the taco canon. You can get one at fast food joints, taco trucks, and more than a few high-end restaurants.
Eastlake Little League

Chula Vista team competes in Little League World Series

The Little League World Series is underway in South Williamsport Pennsylvania, and playing in the series is Chula Vista's Eastlake Little League team. For more on this, we're joined now by the team manager, Doug Holman.
Nike Just Do It

Nike's iconic 'Just Do It' campaign turns 25

This month marks the 25th anniversary of that iconic Nike slogan.
"50 Years Of Stax" Benefit Concert

Booker T changes pace with 'Sound the Alarm'

The sound of the B3 Hammond Organ has always been a hallmark of Booker T's music. The group's new album, "Sound the Alarm," expands on that tradition.
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