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Should the ban on public murals be lifted?

Tattoo Nation

Courtesy Tattoo Nation Movie

Building mural dedicated to Danny Trejo in his hometown of Pacoima, Ca.

John Rabe

LA Chamber Orchestra violinist Julie Gigante, 20 years after Kent Twitchell started "Harbor Freeway Overture" by the 110 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles, which might be the largest hand-painted mural in the world.

A mural in South Central Los Angeles, Ca

Hector Mata/AFP/Getty Images

A mural in South Central Los Angeles, California

Drive around Los Angeles and you're likely to notice the ornate and colorful murals that occupy public spaces.

One might argue that this public art beautifies the city, but new public murals have been prohibited in the city since 2003. On August 28 the Los Angeles City Council is expected to debate the regulation, and many are hoping that they will overturn the ban.  

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