Take Two for August 26, 2013

Rim Fire Continues To Burn Near Yosemite National Park

Why wildfires in the west may only get worse

Most experts agree the wildfire situation in the West is only going to get worse. A combination of climate change and greater populations in fire-prone areas almost certainly mean it will cost more to fight fires in the future.
Kids Race - 1

As overseas adoption becomes difficult, some parents skirt law

Last year American families adopted 86,000 foreign-born children. The reasons for the decline are varied, but many families hoping to adopt are now going outside the international law regime that governs adoptions.
But before these allegations surfaced, Filner was making headlines for very different reasons. He was being lauded for his efforts to create cross-border partnerships with Mexico.
San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is in therapy for his behavior. Do you think it will help?

How the brain reacts to sexual harassment

If it happened to you, you might think that you'd fight back against the offender right then and there. But if you've never been in that moment, it's hard to say whether embarrassment or shock might keep you from doing so.
Los Angeles School Tries To Fight Campus Violence
For 20 years, metal detectors have been used in LAUSD schools. KPCC's Jed Kim reports on whether these tools have made schools any safer.
Premiere Of Magnolia Pictures' "To The Wonder" - Arrivals
Time for On the Lot, our weekly summary of news from the movie business with LA Times reporter Rebecca Keegan.
2011 Winter TCA Tour - Day 1

Odd Hollywood Jobs: Science adviser

Seth Shostak is senior astronomer at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California. When he's not too busy searching for life on other planets, he advises filmmakers on how to get the science right in their movies.
People hold signs as they gather to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.
According to a new study from the Pew Research Center, despite the half-century that's passed since those memorable words, less than half of Americans, black or white, believe the country has made substantial progress toward racial equality.
Phil Spector Trial Continues

Governor Brown considers allowing 3.4M non-citizens to serve on juries

California could become the first state to allow non-citizens to serve on criminal and civil juries, under legislation now on the governor’s desk

The contested murder of Latasha Harlins

The LA Riots may have been sparked by the acquittal of officers who beat Rodney King, but UCLA's Brenda Stevenson explains how the overshadowed death of black teenager Latasha Harlins in 1991 set the stage for violence against Korean-Americans

Stovetop cooking spikes indoor air pollution

Cooking fumes from your stove are supposed to be captured by a hood over the range, but even some expensive models just aren't that effective.

In Las Vegas, the KoMex taco fuses Latin and Asian cultures

Las Vegas is a city of transplants, from all over the country and these days, all over the world. The influence of Asian immigrants has brought new tastes to the city and new flavors to Las Vegas tacos.
Sarah Horn Kristin Chenoweth
If you were lucky enough to be at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday, night you probably thought Kristin Chenoweth would be the highlight of the evening.
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