Take Two for August 27, 2013

How likely is US intervention in Syria?



US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks on Syria at the State Department in Washington, DC, on August 26, 2013. The United States said Tuesday that chemical weapons had been used against Syrian civilians and warned President Barack Obama would demand accountability for this 'moral obscenity.' Employing his strongest language yet, Kerry said Washington was still examining evidence, but left no doubt that Bashar al-Assad's regime would be blamed.

The US is considering whether to take military action against Syria. This comes as a response to evidence that chemical weapons were used against civilians in that country.

Yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry said that evidence of a chemical attack was "undeniable."

Today, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said US forces were prepared to act should President Obama choose to pursue military action. For more on the likelihood of US intervention, we're joined by Jonathan Marcus, BBC diplomatic and defense correspondent.

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