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New project looks at the reasons the cost of college has skyrocketed

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Samantha Friend graduated from Santa Monica College with a degree in Liberal Arts and Humanites. Mae Ryan/KPCC

All over the country the start of the school year means a lot of anxious moments, like what courses to choose? Which professor is best?

And probably most importantly, how am I going to pay for all this?

As most of us are aware that the cost of a college education has sky-rocketed over the years. If you compared the average annual tuition for a public college or university from 1965 and now the increase might shock you.

According to the Department of Education, even when you account for inflation, the increase is more than 100 percent. For private colleges it was even larger.

An interesting new project from the Washington Post's Wonkblog, called “The Tuition is Too Damn High,” will be delving into the possible reasons why tuition has increased so much, and if there are any possible solutions . 

Joining us now is Dylan Matthews, he's an Economic Policy Reporter for The Washington Post and the man behind the series.

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