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Take Two for August 27, 2013

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How likely is US intervention in Syria?

The US is considering whether to take military action against Syria. This comes as a response to evidence that chemical weapons were used against civilians in that country.
Rim Fire Continues To Burn Near Yosemite National Park
Officials say the Rim Fire is 20 percent contained, but fire crews are optimistic that cooler temperatures and higher humidity will help. As the fire rages on the edges of Yosemite National Park, one of California's oldest and greatest natural treasures is under threat.
Santa Monica College Graduation
As most of us are aware that the cost of a college education has sky-rocketed over the years. If you compared the average annual tuition for a public college or university from 1965 and now the increase might shock you.
Do you think college rankings are useful?

Ranking colleges based on their social responsibility

College rankings, and the magazines that publish them are incredibly influential. So much so that some wonder if universities and higher-education experts consider the rankings a little bit too much.
AMGEN Tour of California Stage Six

Ojai residents may buyout company that supplies their water

Voters in Ojai, east of Santa Barbara, decide Tuesday whether to buy out the private company that provides their water.
Chris Nichols

Chris's Collection: Drive-In board game

Chris Nichols is an editor at Los Angeles magazine, but he's also a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Southern California's history. Every so often he comes by and he brings in one of his treasures.
Mulatu Astatke
It's time for Tuesday Reviewsday our weekly new music segment. Joining us this week is music critic Steve Hochman.
Department of Children and Family Services
In the past year, there's even been overcrowding in holding rooms, those are temporary shelters where foster kids are supposed to stay no more than 24 hours while the county tries to place them.

LA City Council to vote on public mural ban

Drive around the city of Los Angeles and you're likely to notice the ornate and colorful murals that occupy public spaces. But maybe you didn't know that since 2003, new public murals have been prohibited.
Enrique's Journey
Over the weekend, a train derailed in Southern Mexico killing at least six people and injuring dozens more. The victims were migrants from Central America, many of them riding on the roof or between the cars of the cargo train, known as "The Beast."

Officials crack down on truckloads of bottles and cans

Trafficking in nickels and dimes may not seem profitable. But people from out-of-state are bringing recyclable cans and bottles into California by the truckload to earn the bottle deposit on top of the price for scrap.
A five-year-old female Russian sea otter

Study links sea otters to improved estuary health

California's sea otters were once hunted to near-extinction, but now, thanks to recovery programs, they are bouncing back. It turns out that's not just good news for the otters, but also for their ecosystem.
Burning Man

Burning Man: A great place to meet a venture capitalist?

The Burning Man festival is all about rejecting commercialism. Yet its now one of the best places to find someone who'll fund your next tech venture.
Pirate Joe's
Michael Hallatt runs Pirate Joe's, a store offering Trader Joe's products he's smuggled across the US-Canada border. Now Trader Joe's is suing Hallatt.

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