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App Chat: Capture your brilliant ideas with these free note-taking apps

Screenshot of the note-taking app, Evernote.
Screenshot of the note-taking app, Evernote.

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Now it's time for App Chat, our regular segment where tech writers give you their app recommendations. This week we're joined by Devindra Hardawar, national mobile editor for Venture Beat.

On tap this week are the best note taking apps to help us capture our best, most brilliant, fleeting ideas.

This app is free on iOS, Android, Winphone, and others. It's $45 for premium version with more uploads, better security and collaborative options. It's perfect for just about every instance, be it a quick grocery list or voice memo. Hardawar used it to record interviews, and it automatically gets uploaded from his phone and is accessible from all his PCs.

Penultimate (bought by Evernote in 2012, but currently a separate app)
This app is free on iPad. It's one of the first apps for handwritten notes on the iPad. It tries to replicate the experience of using pen and paper digitally. The technology makes your notes look better, since hand writing on glass screens can look ugly. It also syncs with Evernote.

Google Keep
Available for free on Android 4.0+ devices, this app has similar note-taking features as Evernote, but deeply integrated within Android. It can transcribe audio notes, something that Evernote (and other services) don't offer yet.

Paper is available for free on iPad, this app is good for note taking with a more visual spin, great for sketching, drawing diagrams or hand writing notes. It also supports styluses.