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Lawmakers split on Syria, but not along party lines

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US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks on Syria at the State Department in Washington, DC, on August 26, 2013. The United States said Tuesday that chemical weapons had been used against Syrian civilians and warned President Barack Obama would demand accountability for this 'moral obscenity.' Employing his strongest language yet, Kerry said Washington was still examining evidence, but left no doubt that Bashar al-Assad's regime would be blamed. JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

UN inspectors there investigating last week's chemical weapons attack have been ordered out of Damascus in anticipation of possible US military strikes. Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to speak about the broader situation in Syria from the State Department within the hour.

We'll bring that to you live as it happens.

Meanwhile, Congress has been decidedly split on how the U.S. should respond. As KPCC's Kitty Felde notes, that mixed response does not fall along party lines.


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