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Take Two for September 2, 2013

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Shoppers form a line at a bakery in Damascus, Syria, on Friday. Ahead of President Obama's speech Saturday, the price for a bag of pita bread shot up amid speculation of a U.S. military strike.

Will America Intervene in Syria?

The choice of whether America will intervene in Syria is up to Congressional lawmakers. But the choice could mire the US in another international conflict, or leave Syrians locked in an already deadly battle.
Purple line to reach La Cienega
It might not be comparable to New York's subway system, but it's still possible to discover LA by train. KPCC's Leo Duran takes us on a tour.

Looking into the life and music of Myron Glasper

Myron Glasper joined Take Two recently to talk about his career, and about growing up in South Central from a musical standpoint.
Edgar Wright
The British filmmaker talks about "The World's End," why we're obsessed with the apocalypse and how Delta Airlines may have inspired his next film.
Koi Tuna
"It's like Thai hick food," says Night + Market chef Kris Yenbamroong about his favorite summer dish, koi tuna.
Forage fig

Forage for food in your own backyard

Producer Meghan McCarty sets out on a foraging expedition to find out which edible plants (and creatures) can be found right in our backyards.
The Drunken Botanist
In "The Drunken Botanist," Amy Stewart writes about the fruits, flowers and herbs that go into our favorite alcoholic drinks.

Finding peace and quiet in South LA can be a challenge

In densely urban South Los Angeles, it can seem impossible to find tranquil places of respite amid the chaos of the big city. That's bad, according to a local mental health expert.
Alysia Abbott
Alysia Abbott chronicles what it was like growing up in San Francisco during the height of the AIDS crisis in her new book, "Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father."
LA Central Library with Susan Orlean

Why 21st Century libraries are anything but dull

To many, the notion of librarians may bring to mind fastidious, pedantic sorts, or book nerds. And though John Szabo and Ken Brecher do love books, they are anything but dull.

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