Take Two for September 4, 2013

Kerry And Hagel Testify At Senate Hearing On Use Of Force Against Syria
Republican Senator Rand Paul has become among the loudest voices questioning the wisdom of intervening in Syria, chemical weapons or not. It's a position that might be based on pragmatism, or even moral grounds. But it's creating some interesting politics, too.
Immigrant Lawyer
Today the California Supreme Court will hear the case of Sergio Garcia, an undocumented immigrant who wants to become a lawyer here in California.

The GOP and the future of immigration reform

When Congress left for recess, the biggest news was that immigration reform had stalled in the House. For some Republicans, that isn't a problem.

Advocate for Tijuana deportees dies at 67

Micaela Saucedo was one of the city's most vocal advocates for that city's vulnerable deportee population, and she died Sept. 1 after a battle with cancer.
Los Angeles Dodgers v Colorado Rockies
The hottest team in baseball could soon have a big problem on their hands, another team has accomplished something they haven't done since Michael Keaton was Batman and are you ready for some football?
Ticketmaster CAPTCHA

New California bill aims to ban ticket-buying bots

A new California bill aims to combat ticket-buying bots, which often make it impossible for people to buy tickets to music and sporting events.
Planned Parenthood Clinic Will Open After Court Battle
A new report from Bloomberg finds that clinics that provide abortions are closing at a record rate.
California Wine Sales Hit A New Record In 2005
Governor Jerry Brown issued a lengthy proclamation explaining the rich tradition of viticulture in California.
The just-launched Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is the latest competition for Apple's iPhone 5.

App Chat: Tools to help you chill out when you're stressed

Jacqui Cheng, editor at large for Ars Technica, joins the show to explain how we can use our usually distracting electronic devices to learn to meditate.
Computer Jay

Computer Jay's 'Savage Planet Discotheque Volume Two'

Computer Jay is well known for his work with bands like The Pharcyde and I'm A Robot, but one of the most impressive things about Jay is that he builds his own music equipment out of old video game systems.
Health Fair In Los Angeles Offers Free Screenings For Residents

Second LA porn actor reveals HIV-positive status

There's news this week of another HIV positive performer in the adult entertainment industry. The actor, who uses the screen name Rod Daily, tweeted that he contracted the disease within the past month.
Chris's Collection

Chris's Collection: Objects that represent LA's 232 years

Los Angeles officially turns 232 today. To mark the occasion, Los Angeles Magazine has been celebrating with a virtual collection of objects that represents LA. in a feature they're calling Display Case.
Din Tai Fung - 1

Dumpling house Din Tai Fung expands to Glendale, Costa Mesa

Din Tai Fung will open a new restaurant in Glendale in October. The restaurant says it will expand its audience, in a city that is mostly white.
Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives
Crime thrillers are populated by hard-boiled detectives and wiseguys, the domain of male writers like Raymond Chandler, and a sprinkling of women. But female writers dominate a lesser-known corner of the crime genre , called domestic suspense. These stories of intrigue played out in the home.
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