Take Two for September 6, 2013

Western Wildfire Yosemite

Wildfires play a crucial role in forest plant diversity

Most people think of fires as being bad, but few consider the good things that can come from them.

Immigration reform takes back seat to conflict in Syria

The prospect of American involvement in Syria's civil war and a looming budget battle have taken center stage. That's got proponents of immigration reform drawing up contingency plans.
Oxnard Migrant Labor School

Head Start program for migrant farmworkers facing changes in growing season

Labor Day's come and gone and everyone's back in school. Except for pre-schoolers attending a Migrant Head start program in Oxnard. For those kids, the school year has just ended.

Friday Flashback: Syria, job numbers, Yahoo! and more

Making the case for — and against — a strike against Syria. Employment is in the doldrums, but car sales? Hot, hot, hot!
Active Duty Military Members March In San Diego's Gay Pride Parade

LGBT service members still fighting for benefits

When the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act last June, that was supposed to clear the way for same-sex married couples to obtain federal benefits. But LGBT service members are still fighting that battle.
10th Anniversary Benefit Supporting Road Recovery - New York
The Jail Guitar Doors USA which brings musical instruments to inmates to help with their rehabilitation.
California Prisons Layoffs
The health of the inmates involved in the strike is still uncertain and the state still has the difficult task of reducing prison overcrowding.
When you hear stories about solitary housing units, or the SHU, in prison, what do you picture? For most people, its what they’ve seen in movies and TV shows.
Police in Ciudad Juarez are investigating claims that a woman with blond hair is killing bus drivers in revenge for violence against women.
Breaking Bad (Season 4)

The cross-border drug war through the lens of Hollywood

It's obvious that the ongoing drug war makes for good drama. It has inspired Hollywood for years, and lately a recent surge of TV shows like "Breaking Bad," "Weeds" and "The Bridge."
Drug Store Chain Starts To Offer Seasonal Flu Shots

Battle to reform nurse practitioner rules will continue, vows author of SB 491

Now to the raft of bills being reviewed by the state legislature. One bill that would have allowed California's nurse practitioners to work independently of doctors was recently defeated.
The taco fanatics over at the L.A. Taco blog have unearthed some of the earliest recipes for this dish ever published in L.A.
Hell Baby

'Hell Baby' marks 'Reno 911' creators' directorial debut

Co-directors Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant talk about how they met, collaborating on numerous projects and what it's like to co-direct a film.
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