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Take Two for September 9, 2013

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Russia calls for Syria to hand over chemical weapons

Earlier today the Russian Foreign Minister said he would press Syrian authorities to place its chemical weapons under international control. This presumably to help the country avoid military intervention from the U.S.
Last year, 352 active duty service members took their own lives, a number more than double the number a decade ago. Some are starting to wonder if life insurance payouts have anything to do with this up-tick in suicides.
Western Wildfires Yosemite
It's been four weeks since the Rim Fire began burning near Yosemite. A hunter's illegal campfire allegedly started the blaze, but how did investigators figure that out?
Travel-Brief-Border Airport
Developers in Tijuana are building a bridge which will span all the way from the terminal to the border crossing at Otay Mesa. Construction on the project began last week.
Fronteras Rio Grande

Illegal crossings increasingly deadly along south Texas border

The number of immigrants crossing illegally in south Texas has doubled in the last four years, making it now the busiest section along the southwest border.
The Fifth Estate

On The Lot: Oscar buzz from the Toronto Film Festival

Time now for On the Lot, our weekly look at the business of Hollywood, with Rebecca Keegan of the Los Angeles Times.
Loop group hollywood job

Odd Hollywood Jobs: Inside the life of a looper

We take a look at the job of a looper, the nickname given to voice over actors who help flesh out scenes in film and television.

The AFL-CIO convention and the state of labor unions

Today, the AFL-CIO is in the midst of a four day convention in Los Angeles. The tag line for the event: "Dream-Innovate-Act.
112 Year-Old Walter Breuning Becomes The World's Oldest Man
A six-month investigation by the San Diego Union Tribune and the California Health Care Foundation pieced together some sobering information about the care of senior citizens.
megaload omega morgan
Last month, a 322-ton shipment snaked its way though Idaho and Montana. Hauled by truck longer than a 747, this so-called "megaload" was carrying equipment to be used at a Canadian oil refinery.
Sidewalk Farming - 1

LA's public parkways could become mini-urban farms (poll)

Los Angeles may soon expand the type of plants that can be grown on these strips of land. But it may be limited. View the current list and take a poll to share what you think should be allowed.
Two People Wounded In Shooting At Synagogue In North Hollywood

Can LAPD anticipate crime with 'predictive policing'?

In an age of big data, California police departments are getting in on the action. In Los Angeles, the LAPD now uses software for what it calls "predictive policing."
Tamu Massif

Scientists discover massive volcano under the Pacific Ocean

The Tamu Massif is comparable to Olympus Mons on Mars, one of the biggest volcanos that we know about in our solar system.
Orange County mom Lori Duron dreamed of having a girl to dress up and play dolls with. Turns out her dream came true in a very different way.

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