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Tuesday Reviewsday: Eminem, Goodie Mobb, Elvis Costello & The Roots

Elvis Costello and Questlove of The Roots.
Elvis Costello and Questlove of The Roots.

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It's time for Tuesday Reviewsday our weekly new music segment. This week we're joined by music supervisor Morgan Rhodes and Oliver Wang from

Oliver's Picks

Artist: Eminem
Album: "The Marshall Mathers LP2"
Songs: "Berzerk"

"I think it's been three years since his last one, his latest is called the "Marshall Mathers LP 2", which I find to be incredibly awkward, but at this point Eminem can name his albums whatever he wants. His lead single is a song called Berzerk, and it is very much on a throwback Beastie Boys tip. I'm interested to see what Eminem does with this album, the fact that he's calling it the "Marshall Mathers LP 2" seems very strategic since the LP was his first breakout and hugely successful super star album. Is he trying to suggest that he's creating a sequel to that moment, is he supposed to represent some new phase of his career? We'll have to see." -- Oliver Wang


Artist: Elvis Costello and the Roots
Album: "Wise Up Ghost"
Release: September 17
Songs: "Viceroy's Row," "Walk Us Uptown"

"I think the album will challenge the ways in which we assume that certain genres only with within certain styles. There are some songs that work quite well together, but there are other cases where I don't know if the musical chemistry is right. I don't know if that's my own biases in terms of I'm used to hearing certain kinds of voices and vocal styles over hip-hop beats or likewise, I'm used to hearing Elvis Costello with a certain sort of sound backing him." -- Oliver Wang


Artist: Ylvis
Songs: "The Fox"
Novelty single currently being billed as "this year's 'Gangnam Style' but it raises two compelling questions. First, is a song positively calculated for viral success cynical or just savvy? Second, what sound does a fox make? The group is a variety show group from Norway. I

Morgan's Picks

Artist: John Legend
Album: "Love In The Future"
Songs: "Tomorrow," "Wanna Be Loved"

"Love In The Future is his brand new album, and good things come to those who wait. We've been waiting five years for this new project, it is an ode to love. He's a classic crooner, he owes a lot of his phrasing to Sam Cooke and Nat King Cole. When you hear this album you either start comparing your own relationship or you dissolve into bitterness. The lyrics are gorgeous and it's arranged  beautifully. I think what sets him apart is the maturity, he speaks about love in very evolved terms. It feels like a sonnet." -- Morgan Rhodea


Songs: "Doing The Most," "Building A Home"

"It's pronounced 'Red Gold and Green,' and they've got a new self-titled project. I guess after you call yourself RDGLDGRN what do you call your new album? You just go with "Self-Titled." They've coined their own genre called indie go-go. Go-go music is an African American-based music, it's very heavy percussive call and response and well-known in the area of Virginia — they're from Reston. It's more to me indie pop, indie rock and indie hip-hop, not much known about them except they have the good fortune to convince Dave Grohl to play drums on their entire album. They are making quite the splash." -- Morgan Rhodes


Artist: Goodie Mobb
Album: "Age Against The Machine"
Songs: "Father Time," "Understanding (feat. V)"

"What's it like to get older? If someone asks me I'm going to say I don't know, I'll claim that I'm still drinking from the eternal Fountain of Youth. But what's it like to get older in hip-hop, I think this album speaks to that. Goodie Mob are the elder statesmen of Atlanta hip-hop, before Outkast, before Ludacris, before T.I., before Two Chainz. I think this album is them saying, "we were here first, but we're still relevant." It's futuristic, it's old school, they have a lot of smart things to say and they have some expert guest appearances from Janelle Monae and T.I." -- Morgan Rhodes