Take Two for September 11, 2013

A look at Syria from a local perspective

Silver Lake Syria Protest

Grant Slater/KPCC

Sam Patrick of Glendale protests the possibility of war in Syria alongside the Landau family, Peter and his daughter Ada. Ada Landau

Last night, President Obama made the case once again the need to address the situation in Syria:

"Why should we get involved at all in a place that's so complicated and where, as one person wrote to me, those who come after Assad may be enemies of human rights? It's true that some of Assad's opponents are extremists. But al-Qaida will only draw strength in a more chaotic Syria if people there see the world doing nothing to prevent innocent civilians from being gassed to death."

A New York Times poll shows two-thirds of people are worried that U.S. military action could be a long and costly involvement. However, many Americans who came to this country have a somewhat different perspective.

Dr. Saleh Kholaki, chair of the Islamic Center of Southern California, joins the show to offer some insight on the local perspective of Syrian-Americans. 

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