Take Two for September 11, 2013

President Obama Addresses The Nation On The Situation In Syria
Many have painted the crisis in Syria as a turning or defining moment in President Obama's legacy,
Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)

Rep. Barbara Boxer defines her position on Syria

When it comes to how California politicians feel about Syria, it's anything but what you might expect. Many liberals support the military option and many conservatives are strongly opposing it.

Rep. Judy Chu on the other issues Congress is facing

President Obama is pursuing diplomatic options in Syria, but stressed that the U.S. be prepared to strike, if necessary. The debate over whether or not to take action appears to have consumed Congress, but there are a lot pressing issues on its plate this fall.
Colorado State Senator Angela Giron

Colorado Senators ousted in recall elections

Last night, Colorado state senator Angela Giron was voted out of office in a recall election. She and fellow democrat, Senate president John Morse, were ousted after taking a tough stance on gun control.
Customs and Border Protection

Border technology contracts take new approach

In the coming months, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts will be finalized for new surveillance technology along the Southwest border.
Rice v Texas A&M

Should college athletes be compensated for their work?

The 2013 college football season has kicked off with a controversy over how student athletes get paid.
Washington State v USC

Sports Roundup: NFL kicks off, USC football, plus much more

From possibly paying college athletes out in the open to paying them under the table and actually much worse, it's now time for a look at sports with Andy and Brian Kamentzky, who have covered sports for ESPN and the L.A. Times.
Silver Lake Syria Protest

A look at Syria from a local perspective

A New York Times poll shows two-thirds of people are worried that U.S. military action could be a long and costly involvement. However, many Americans who came to this country have a somewhat different perspective.
New York Commemorates The 12th Anniversary Of The September 11 Terror Attacks
L.A. County Fire Department Inspector Scott Miller joins Take Two to talk about LA-area first responders are remembering those they lost on 9/11.
Iraq Fronteras

Revisiting an Iraqi immigrant family adjusting to life in the US

Six months ago, Fronteras reporter Jill Replogle reported on an Iraqi refugee family and their struggle to get safely to the U.S. Their son, who was an interpreter for U.S. troops, was killed in combat. Since that time the family has resettled in San Diego County.

Can the zeppelin-like Aeroscraft change the shipping industry?

The Aeroscraft blends old and new technology in an attempt to create a lighter-than-air cargo hauler that can deliver goods to rural Alaska, or downtown LA.
The good news for you is that today we're talking about a few apps that could help you conquer your fantasy football league.

Where does Mexico's soccer team stand after losing to the US?

Winning that match qualified the U.S. for next year's World Cup in Brazil, but Mexico is now in danger of not getting in. With more on what this means for both nations is Dave Denholm, soccer commentator for Fox Sports.
Good Ol' Freda

'Good Ol' Freda': Life as the secretary for The Beatles

The new documentary "Good Ol' Freda" looks at how Freda Kelly became the secretary for The Beatles and what life was like working for the Fab Four.
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