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DJ Mister Cee's on-air admission and sexual identity in the black community

DJ Mr. Cee from Hot 97 FM.
DJ Mr. Cee from Hot 97 FM.
Hot 97 FM

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Last week, New York radio DJ Mister Cee gave a teary admission on air. He admitted to soliciting sex from a transgender prostitute, and then resigned his position saying he didn't want to being negative attention to his colleagues. 

Though he resigned, Mister Cee came back to work last week at the request of the station. The incident is drawing attention to a specific phenomenon in the black community known as "being on the down-low."

It's slang for men who are in relationships with women and don't identify as gay, but have sex with other men. Being on the down-low is certainly not a new phenomenon.

Joining the show to talk more about Mr Cee is his program director, Ebro Darden from Hot 97 in New York. 

Then we'll talk about the history of "the down-low" and how Mister Cee may be shaping the conversation within the black community is film producer Proteus Spann. He's currently working on a series of films and a musical about homosexuality within the African-American community.