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Why California lawmakers are failing to pass environmental bills

by Take Two®

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A new fracking law won't satisfy some environmental groups who have been pushing Gov. Jerry Brown for a moratorium. State Senator Fran Pavley originally supported a ban, but went on to author a controversial piece of legislation that adds some disclosure requirements but may be vulnerable to abuse, according to lawyers familiar with CEQA, the state’s environmental quality act. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Over the last week we've been talking about the slew of bills the California state legislature passed before the end of its session last Thursday. Everything from tighter gun control to raising the minimum wage to allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers licenses.

But notably absent from the discussion are environmental laws. In fact, a significant number of green measures wilted in the state legislature last year.

Here to tell us more is Paul Rogers, environmental reporter for the San Jose Mercury News and a managing editor for science and the environment at KQED in San Francisco.

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