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On The Lot: Bruckheimer leaves Disney, China goes Hollywood and more

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US film and television producer Jerry Bruckheimer poses for pictures at the UK premier of the film 'The Lone Ranger' in Leicester Square, central London on July 21, 2013. AFP/AFP/Getty Images

A big hit maker parts ways with Disney, and the pipeline runs dry at its animation arm, Pixar. Plus, an historic house goes on the market in Toluca Lake. It's time for On the Lot, our weekly look at the movie business with Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times.  

China already makes a lot of our clothes, they build our iPhones, and now they want to make our movies, or at least some of them. We discuss the latest on the Chinese attempt to go Hollywood.

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The company that made the announcement about investing $8 billion in film production is already enormous in China, and the head of the firm is predicting that China will have the biggest film business in the world by 2018. Are we going to see an exodus from Hollywood to China?

This firm is closely tied to the Chinese government, which controls every aspect of the movie business there. Doesn't it seem like there's a real danger of some major conflict, especially since Hollywood types aren't known for their small egos?

Everything is not all sweetness and light in the Magic Kingdom. The super-producer Jerry Bruckheimer announced he's leaving Disney, his home for more than two decades. He's indicated it's because the studio doesn't want to make the kind of films he wants to produce. But he's also coming off a box office disaster, "The Lone Ranger." That was a rare miss for Bruckheimer, who has an amazing record of producing box office hits. 

That's a lot of movies and a lot of tickets sold. "Flashdance", "Beverly Hills Cop", "Top Gun", "Crimson Tide", "Black Hawk Down", "Pirates of the Caribbean". And that's just a handful of his movies. So, why is Jerry Bruckheimer leaving Disney, and who dumped who?

Is the era of studios making big deals with producers to lock up talent over?  

So no Bruckheimer movies for Disney, and apparently no Pixar film anytime soon, either. 

After Disney fired the director, a number of other people began supervising parts of "The Good Dinosaur", including Pixar's John Lassiter, the real creative force there. It has to raise some eyebrows when you have an animated film that appears to be directed by committee, right?

Bob Hope's house in Toluca Lake is on the market.  

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