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Take Two for September 23, 2013

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An update on the Nairobi mall terrorist attack

In Nairobi, officials are still trying to get a handle on a terrorist attack in a local mall there. Masked gunmen stormed into the upscale Westgate mall on Saturday, firing shots at civilians.

How can we keep public places safe from attacks?

It seems like open spaces that are unprotected gathering places for large groups of people would be the perfect places for an attack. Is there a way to protect people in open spaces?
High Level Government Security Officials Brief Lawmakers On Capitol Hill

Rep. Becerra on the status of immigration reform in the House

On Friday, the bipartisan Group of Seven in the House has lost two more members. Republican representatives Sam Johnson and John Carter — both of Texas — announced they were resigning from the group. Another Republican, Raul Labrador of Idaho, left the group in June.
Congress comes back from a two-week spring break on Monday.

Showdown in Congress on Obamacare and automatic budget cuts

The bipartisan conversations over Syria are over. Congress is locked once again in a bitter budget battle.
65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show

Wrapping up the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards

The 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards are always full of glamor and glitz, but what do people really want to know? Who brought home the most gold statues!
watching tv

The problem with binge-watching TV shows

Nielsen ratings report that almost 90-percent of Netflix viewers watch three or more episodes of the same show in one day. TV binging is now the norm, and that's not always such a good thing, says blogger and TV comedy writer, Ken Levine.
A big hit maker parts ways with Disney, and the pipeline runs dry at its animation arm, Pixar. Plus, an historic house goes on the market in Toluca Lake. It's time for On the Lot, our weekly look at the movie business with Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times.

An ethanol-fueled comeback for sugar beets

California once grew a lot of sugar beets to supply the state's sugar mills. But in the Central Valley, growers are on a quest to bring back the gnarly looking vegetable -- this time to turn it into ethanol.
Exactly how many unauthorized immigrants are living in the U.S.? It's a number that's difficult to pinpoint, but a new study by the Pew Hispanic Center seeks to give a more complete picture of the immigration flow in recent years.
Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks Before A "Defund Obamacare" Town Hall

The Texas GOP's battle against Obamacare

The Obama administration's health insurance exchanges go live online October 1st. Policies vary by state, but in Texas, state leaders are unabashed in doing all they can to hobble the Affordable Care Act.

New device can measure concussion warning signs

A professor at San Diego State has developed a device that could provide a more objective way to detect whether an athlete has suffered a concussion.

Is the apostrophe unnecessary?

Slate's self-proclaimed sentence sommelier James Harbeck argues that the apostrophe no longer holds any real purpose.
Dual Language API - 5

How the dwindling status of handwriting is changing our brains

These days, we spend so much time communicating on computer keyboards and mobile phones, we may be missing out on neurological benefits of the good old fashioned notion of putting pen to paper.
Paul Koudounaris
In 1578, the remains of thousands of people thought to be Christian martyrs were discovered deep underground in Rome. Paul Koudounaris had the rare chance to spend time with these spectacular skeletons, which he display in his new photo book, "Heavenly Bodies."

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