Take Two for October 1, 2013

Congress Meets As Government Shutdown Looms

How the government shutdown will affect the average US citizen

Last night, Congress couldn't come to an agreement on a new budget and refused to extend the current one. No money means no government, and this morning, various government agencies began taking steps to scale back.

Report finds California has highest poverty rate in US

A new report finds that California has the highest rate of poverty in the nation. The study also included some surprising findings about which areas of the state are the poorest.
Bone marrow

Finding bone marrow matches is harder for some ethnic groups

Bone marrow donations can potentially save the lives of people with leukemia, lymphoma and other blood cancers. But it can be difficult finding donors, especially within certain ethnic communities.
Health Overhaul California
This morning, insurance marketplaces opened around the nation allowing Americans the chance to comparison shop for insurance. Now all Americana can find out what the Affordable Care Act – or Obamacare – really means to them.
grand theft auto 5 v

Grand Theft Auto V rakes in $1.5 billion in two weeks

The newest version of Grand Theft Auto came out two weeks and, and within three days it raked in more than $1 billion.
Aloe Blacc
It's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment with Oliver Wang from Soul-Sides.com and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes.
President Obama Speaks On The Government Shutdown In The Rose Garden

Reactions to Obama's speech on government shutdown

We just heard President Obama's remarks on the government shutdown and the Affordable Care Act. For some analysis we're joined by KPCC's Washington correspondent Kitty Felde and democratic congresswoman Janice Hahn.
A new USC Dornsife/LA Times poll found that a majority of Californians believe the bullet train project is a waste of money and that it should be scrapped altogether. The $68 billion project is a year behind schedule and facing several lawsuits.

Gov. Brown legalizes industrial hemp in California

Governor Brown signed a bill allowing for industrial hemp to be grown in California. The catch? It’s still against federal law.
LAUSD Music Repair Shop

LA Unified's backlog of broken musical instruments 'like a war scene'

At L.A. Unified's music repair shop, at least 2,600 broken instruments are piled on shelves and in bins. Some have been sitting for years — the result of staff cuts.
The Disaster Artist The Room
Greg Sestero played Mark in the cult film "The Room." His new book is called "The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside 'The Room', The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made."
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