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Take Two for October 8, 2013

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Couples' therapy for the government shutdown

As the government shutdown continues, it's clear that our two political parties aren’t communicating as well as they should be.
Congressman Mark Takano
Joining us with some insight into what's happening — or not happening on — Capitol Hill, Congressman Mark Takano, a freshman Democrat from Riverside.
The National Mall in Washington, DC is closed thanks to the government shutdown, but for proponents of immigration reform, the show will go on.
New $100 bill

Did the $100 bill really need a redesign?

The new $100 bill debuts today, and it takes a lot of work, research, and art to produce a bill that spends most of its time overseas. Take Two talks about the history and creation of the new $100.
Jonathan Wilson
Nusic Critic Steve Hochman profiles three different artists who are putting a modern spin on old sounds.
Backyard chickens can be a great hobby. They can also spread disease.

Foster Farms chickens blamed for salmonella outbreak

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Foster Farms raw chicken products made at three California sites may have sickened nearly 300 people in 18 states.
Corcoran State Prison - KPCC Post

Inside Corcoran prison's SHU - Security Housing Units (Photos)

The controversial facilities are the subject of a federal lawsuit and an upcoming legislative hearing, but the prison warden says they are "not operating a dungeon."
For Some Returning US Troops, PTSD Is The New Battlefield

Research shows vets suffering from PTSD benefit from meditation

For military veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, medication and counseling can be a first line of defense, if they can get an appointment at the V.A., that is.
Alan Krueger
Income inequality has been rising steadily for decades, and the weak recovery is causing the gap between rich and poor to widen even more.
Dodger Food Dog

Do you think the Dodger Dog needs an upgrade? (Poll)

The Dodgers are on a winning streak, but when it comes to that most famous of fan food, some are calling the Dodger Dog a big loser.

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