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Chris's Collection: Batmobile toy

by Take Two®

Chris Nichols's Batmobile toy. Michelle Lanz/KPCC

Now to another installment in our segment, Chris's Collection. 

Chris Nichols is editor at Los Angeles magazine, and he's also quite the collector of things from eras gone by. From time to time, he brings some of his treasures into the studio for a little show and tell. 

This week he brings by a Barbie-sized Batmobile from 1974, which used to come with a Barbie-scale Batman and Robin that could fit inside.

Chris is a big fan of car customizer and Batmobile creator, George Barris. 

"I collect by artist sometimes. Barris is the greatest fantasy car creator," said Nichols. "He did all these famous movie cars — General Lee, the Munster mobile, The Beverly Hillbillies coach — and he's still out there working and creating cars."

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