Take Two for October 10, 2013

Shutdown puts scientists' Antarctica research on ice


AP Photo/National Science Foundation

As part of the U.S. Antarctic Program, a scientist adjusts a UV monitor at the South Pole's McMurdo Station, one of three of its Antarctic stations, in this undated photo.

The effects of the U.S. government shutdown have now reached the most remote outpost in the world. This week, the National Science Foundation announced it's shutting down its science program in Antarctica.

Only a skeleton crew will be allowed to stay, to maintain the facilities there. This as the spring research season has just begun. Hundreds of scientists, studying everything from penguins to climate change, are now asking themselves, what's next?

One of those scientists is Dawn Sumner, geology professor at UC Davis. She joins the show to talk about her work, and what the shutdown means for her team.  

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