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Take Two for October 10, 2013

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Markets Slide Downward As Government Shutdown Enters Second Week

How is Wall Street reacting to the government shutdown?

Wall Street executives have been warning of catastrophe if the U.S. defaults on its debt, but the stock market doesn't seem to reflect that.

Shutdown puts scientists' Antarctica research on ice

The effects of the U.S. government shutdown have now reached the most remote outpost in the world. This week, the National Science Foundation announced it's shutting down its science program in Antarctica.
Ask Emily
The state's health insurance exchange, Covered California, is now a little more than a week old. As folks are enrolling, they find themselves with a lot of questions.
Southern California Swelters Under Major Heat Wave

Downtown LA's Grand Park celebrates its 1st anniversary

Director Lucas Rivera said programming at the park will put it on par with the Getty Center and the Natural History Museum. But many visitors on a recent weekday said if it wasn't because they had business nearby, they would not be there.
Water & Power
In 2006, "Water & Power" won the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for outstanding new play. Now Montoya has turned it into a film of the same name.
Occupy California Colleges
It's Thursday and that means it's time for State of Affairs, our look at politics and government throughout California. To help us with that we're joined in studio now by KPCC political reporters Alice Walton and Frank Stoltze.

Initiative seeking to limit abortions in Albuquerque to appear on November ballot

In just over a month, voters in Albuquerque will decide whether to ban late-term abortions. It promises to be a contentious fight. Yesterday, the state's attorney general said the proposed ordinance would be unconstitutional and unenforceable.

Comment Box: Couples counseling, Dodger Dogs, New York tacos

It's time to dip into the Comment Box to find out what you have to say about the work we're doing.
Eric Garcetti DWP City Hall
Tuesday marked Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti's 100th day in office. One-hundred days isn't a lot of time for an elected official to get much done, but it's enough time to gauge how people feel about the job he's doing.
Today the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Alice Munro, a Canadian writer known for her contemporary short stories.

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