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Football fans face dilemma after Frontline's 'League of Denial' airs

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Kevin Mack (left) of the Cleveland Browns tries to get away from the grasping hands of Dave Duerson of the Chicago Bears in Feb. 7, 1988. Duerson committed suicide in 2011 and wrote a note that included this request: "Please see that my brain is given to the NFL's brain bank." /AP

The Frontline documentary "League of Denial" examined the effects of concussions on the brains of football players ranging from high school to the NFL. It also looked at how much the NFL knew about those effects.

The documentary doesn't paint the league in the best light, but after a weekend chock full of college and NFL football, has anything changed for fans of the sport?

Michael Humphrey wrote about this for Forbes and joined us to discuss the issue of concussions in football from the fan perspective.

Check out Frontline's documentary "League of Denial" for more on the concussion epidemic in football.


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