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Why some states decided to pay to keep National Parks open

by Take Two®

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The Grand Canyon is the fifth most popular travel destination for Southern Californians during the Memorial Day holiday, according to Automobile Club of Southern California. KPCC/Wendy Lee

Although the Senate's got a deal in place, the government is still shut down. It's not yet clear when things will be back in working order.

Three weeks in many federal services and agencies remain closed, but there are a few that have reopened. The federal government has said states who are willing to foot the bill can open up their National Parks.

Some states have jumped at the opportunity: New York has opened up the Statue of Liberty and Arizona is allowing visitors into the Grand Canyon.

But you might still want to hold off on taking that trip to Yosemite, as California said no to reopening its parks. To find out why some states are willing to pay, we're joined by Marina Koren, a staff correspondent at National Journal and wrote about this issue for The Atlantic

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