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Take Two for October 16, 2013

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What would happen if the US government were to default?

The Treasury department says come Friday, it will not have enough cash on hand to pay the nation's bills, putting in jeopardy everything from defense contract payments to veterans benefits and social security checks.
Young Ahn LA DMH at health fair
Asian Americans tend to seek mental health care less often than other groups, but that doesn't mean they're not suffering from mental illnesses.
Robbie Robertson
Last month, Robbie Robertson came out with a previously unheard concert performed by The Band with Bob Dylan. Host Alex Cohen talks to him about the album, about being part of the most well-known rock groups in the world and where he finds his inspiration now.
Gay Marriage Los Angeles

Study shows anti-gay sentiment is underestimated

A new study shows that more people express anti-gay sentiment, such as not wanting a gay manager at work, when they're asked in an indirect way.
Former Congressman Bob Filner
Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been charged with one felony count of false imprisonment and two misdemeanor charges of battery. Host Alex Cohen checks in with KPBS reporter Mark Sauer.
NLCS - St Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Dodgers

Sports Roundup: Dodgers must win, Puig under fire and more

The Dodgers have been pushed to the edge, it's Hollywood vs. Midwest values and is the game of baseball facing a critical crossroads?
Government Shutdown Enters 2nd Week

Even those outside the US are worried about the shutdown

It's not just Americans that are concerned about the U.S. government defaulting on its debt. The rest of the world is worried, too.
Government Shutdown Enters 2nd Week

Using the shutdown as a teachable moment

The past few weeks has been filled with teachable moments for professors of political science and economics across the country. Dr. Raphael Bostic, professor at the Price School of Public Policy at USC, joins the show to talk about how he's teaching the shutdown.
iPads in Schools

App Chat: Guilt-free entertainment for your kids

This week on App Chat we profile apps that are good for the younger generation. Sharon Blumenfeld, who writes for the site Momfulential, joins host Alex Cohen to share some her favorite apps for kids.
Utah Software Engineer Mints Physical Bitcoins

The struggle over Bitcoin's future

There is a civil war going on inside the world of the Internet currency Bitcoin. Its backers are fighting over the future of the online cash after one of its biggest shopping sites was busted this month for selling illegal drugs and other goods.
Farm Delta

Food, farms and delta water

California is the nation’s largest agricultural state. It would not be possible without water from the Delta. Farmers say the water is their lifeblood, but it’s been cut back year after year.
Memorial Day

Why some states decided to pay to keep National Parks open

Three weeks in many federal services and agencies remain closed, but there are a few that have reopened. The federal government has said states who are willing to foot the bill can open up their National Parks.

Does Mexico's soccer team have a chance at the World Cup?

Last night Mexican soccer fans celebrated the victory of their rival U.S. team over Panama. That newfound enthusiasm for the U.S. team is not really a change of heart.
Jaime Jarrin

Jaime Jarrín: The voice of the Dodgers en español

Jaime Jarrín is the Spanish voice of the Dodgers, and like his colleague, Vin Scully, he's a Hall of Fame broadcaster who's been at it for a long time. Jarrín has been calling Dodger games on the radio for 55 years.

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