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Study: Eating popcorn makes you immune to in-theater ads

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Mother Wanda Cole-Frieman and her twins Taylor and Isaac attend a screening of 'Cold Mountain' at Leows Movie Theater on 34th Street January 6, 2003 in New York City. Mark Mainz/Getty Images

As moviegoers flock to the theaters this weekend, there's no doubt most of them will be grabbing popcorn on the way to their seat. And while the butter and salt drenched snack may not be great for our health, or our wallets, it does have one interesting benefit.

It makes us immune to advertising.

Those commercials that air before the movie previews have no chance against a tub of popcorn, according to a series of studies conducted at Cologne University in Germany.

In the studies, one group of participants were given popcorn and the other a sugar cube. Those that ate popcorn were not subjected to the effects of advertising in their preferred product selection.

Dr. Sascha Topolinski is one of the researchers for the study. He joins the show with more. 

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