Take Two for October 22, 2013

Activists Protest House Farm Bill Plan To Cut Food Assistance Program

Families on food stamps face cuts to benefits on November 1

A major deadline is looming next week that will strip $5 billion for the fiscal year from the nation's food stamp program.
Illegal activity? Men destroy rock formation in Goblin Valley, Utah

Calculating the cost of vandalism in National Parks

Earlier this month, three Boy Scout leaders videotaped themselves destroying a 170-million-year-old rock formation in Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. It raises a question about the costs of these types of incidents, and what can be done to prevent them.

California's newest cities face extinction

For the California Report, Alex Schmidt reports from Riverside County, four of California's youngest cities may die an early death because of changes to the state's funding formula that governs who gets what.
Back To Normal
It's every parent's nightmare to hear that his or her child has a mental illness. But is a diagnosis from a doctor really a life-long sentence of drugs and therapy? Or might normal childhood behavior be mistaken for a mental disorder?
According to a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics, human breast milk bought online very often had high amounts of bad bacteria that can be harmful to babies.
Walking Dead
Judging by what we've been seeing in the theaters lately, Americans like to be frightened, and that suits Hollywood just fine. Scary movies can be a lot cheaper to make and tend to do very well at the box office.
Alt 98.7 Presents Lorde in an Exclusive Live Performance
From jazz to pop, Take Two music critics review some of the best new songs out this month. Have a listen, and tell us: Will you be adding them to your playlist?
Drought Forces Water Cutbacks To Southern California Farms

Fight for water access in Coachella Valley continues

Lawyers for the group say the Coachella Valley Water District is unfairly denying water and sewage services to the poorer, eastern side of the valley.
Canyonlands Diptych - 1

Orange County's rural canyon residents fight development

One of the last open spaces in Orange County is under development pressure. Residents of the county's "canyon lands" have banded together to preserve the rural character of the area.
Fronteras Hopi Anti-Torture

Hopi Foundation gives anti-torture award

On the Hopi Lands in Northern Arizona, an international group of health care workers gathered recently to honor the latest recipient of the Barbara Chester Award, given by the Hopi Foundation to those who work with torture victims

Getting to know the mountain lions that live in LA's hills

The mountain lion has many names, among them, puma, cougar and ghost cat. Mike Kessler followed the history of the large feline to present day for his story in Los Angeles Magazine and joins us to talk about it.
Lisa-Ann Gershwin, author of "Stung! On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean," joins the show to talk about the riding numbers of jellyfish and how they can affect human and sea life.

Curbing downtown LA's dogs

More people moving into downtown Los Angeles also means more dogs. But where are our canine friends welcome to do their business?

More Americans open to online dating, Pew says

A new Pew study finds that online dating in the US has tripled in five years, and that people are increasingly viewing online dating as a good way to meet people.
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