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Odd Hollywood Jobs: The spookiest prop house in showbiz

by Take Two®

A Martinez and BJ Winslow pose in front of some horror-themed creations at the Dapper Cadaver prop house in Burbank, Calif. Kaitlin Funaro/KPCC

Time for another installment of our series on Odd Hollywood jobs, which looks at the gigs behind the scenes that help make movie magic.   

This time around things are gonna get a little bit gruesome.

The horror prop house Dapper Cadaver supplies severed heads, fake blood and other less gory objects to Hollywood. Hosts of Halloween shindigs — including the White House — also rely on the shop for all their fright fest needs.

Take Two took a trip to Dapper Cadaver in Burbank and met up with owner BJ Winslow, who makes a lot of the props by hand.

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