Take Two for November 4, 2013

Holiday fares

How secure are America's airports?

Flights have returned to normal at LAX, but there's an increased security presence. Friday's incident has raised questions about just how secure airports actually are.

The children of Juárez left behind by violence

Juárez was the epicenter of a vicious drug war that resulted in the death of more than 10,000 people. Now things are improving, but echoes of the violence remain, particularly in the most marginalized communities.
City Council Los Angeles

Nury Martinez on life at Los Angeles City Hall

The City Councilwoman from the San Fernando Valley is the newest — and the sole female — member of the Los Angeles City Council.
Global companies are using Maasai imagery to design cars, pens, and purses. Now the Maasai are looking to get a cut from those who are taking cues from their culture.

Picture This: Documenting life after a nuclear disaster

Photographer Michael Forster Rothbart documented the lives of people who still leave near sites of nuclear disaster: Chernobyl and Fukushima. But what prompted these people stay in their homes, rather than move far from danger?
Time for On The Lot, our weekly look at the business of entertainment with Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times.
Supreme Court "Obamacare" Ruling

Can Hollywood help encourage people to embrace the ACA?

The California Endowment recently provided a $500,000 dollar grant to help TV writers and producers work plot lines about health care reform into their programming.
Los Angeles AB109 Women Incarceration Jail Jails County Twin Towers Education Prison

Realignment: Many women in prison serve more time (photos)

A program that shifted thousands of low-level offenders from state prisons to local jails was supposed to dramatically impact women in prison, but advocates say nothing has changed.
KPCC Police Crime Jail stock photo
In 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s order to reduce overcrowding in California’s prisons, leading to significant changes in the state's criminal justice system.
California Prisons

Dept. of Corrections Secretary Jeffrey Beard's constant crisis control

Corrections Secretary Jeffrey Beard has faced many controversial issues, from a widespread hunger strike to a never-ending battle with federal judges over control of California’s prisons. For the California Report, Scott Detrow has the story.
Slang Class

English language learners demand slang; teachers try to keep up

When Americans talk about a movie, it could be a "bomb" or a "smash hit"... not to mention "da bomb." These are the kind of things English learners want to know.
Starfish Deaths
"Sea star wasting disease" is affecting large numbers of starfish up and down the west coast. The illness begins with a skin lesion which quickly turns these beautiful beings into goo.

Low power radio stations vie for FCC licenses

The Federal Communications Commission is now taking applications for small stations, with a broadcast range of less than ten miles in most cases. Advocates and applicants for Low Power FM Radio —or LPFM, as it's know — are hoping to create dozens of hyperlocal stations across California.
California Governor's mansion
The three-story, 30-room victorian home was built in Sacramento in 1877. Tonight, the mansion opens its doors and, for the first time in decades, welcomes visitors to its third floor.
Rita Wilson Performs At The Troubadour
The actress Rita Wilson is mostly known for playing supporting roles in the films like "Sleepless In Seattle", "It's Complicated" and on TV’s "The Good Wife". But ever since she was a young girl, she's had aspirations to sing.
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