Take Two for November 5, 2013

Writer Anna Holmes takes Jezebel from blog to book

The Book of Jezebel

Hachette Media Group

"The Book of Jezebel," edited by Anna Holmes.

In 2006, writer Anna Holmes was tapped to start the feminist blog, Jezebel.

Coming from a background of writing for women's magazines like Glamour, InStyle and Star, Holmes set out to subvert what she saw as a media landscape that perpetuated consumerism and women's negative views of themselves. 

By the time she left in 2010, she had built one of the most successful sites in the world garnering 32 million page views a month. 

Now Holmes has released "The Book of Jezebel," an encyclopedic collection of history, culture and all things important to the modern, Internet-savvy woman.  

She joins the show in studio all the way from her home in New York to talk to us about her career, starting Jezebel and why she decided to take on this book project. 

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