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Sports Roundup: Dolphins drama, wacky injuries and more

by Take Two®

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Jonathan Martin, seen here during an NFL rookies' camp in 2012, allegedly received threatening texts and voice mails from teammate Richie Incognito that included racial slurs. Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Bullying culture in the NFL might be more deeply entrenched than we thought, there are some strange ways to get injured and if you can believe it marriage and tasers might not be a good mix.

For more on all this we're joined by Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, who have covered sports for ESPN and the L.A.Times.  

The biggest story in sports is still the charges of bullying on the Miami Dolphins. Jonathan Martin claims his teammate Richie Incognito sent him threatening and racist text and voicemail messages over the last couple of years which has sparked debate over the culture of football. Incognito has been suspended pending an NFL investigation.

There seems to be a polar opposite difference in the way football people see this in comparison to most media and the public. A recent report in the Sun Sentinel does not paint a flattering picture of Dolphins coaches.  

There is someone in Jonathan Martin's past that is not surprised he was target of bullying. Considering how image sensitive the NFL is, how do you guys think this will play out?

Injuries happen to athletes all the time but U.S. Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte has one for the record books, Brian.

While injuries are nothing to make fun of, what are some of your favorite wacky sports injuries. 

Laying a bet down on a game has been going on since sports have been a thing. But a husband and wife in Wisconsin have one that neither will be able to live down. 

World Series of Poker wrapped up last night and 23-year old Ryan Riess won $8.4 million after a 3.5-hour session. Have these poker competitions kind of played themselves out?

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