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Dinner Party Download: King Tut, coconut water shortage and more

by Take Two®

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This photo taken on August 30, 2012 shows a vendor displaying coconut water products during the 26th National Coconut Week Celebration at the Philippine Coconut Authority building in Manila. NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty Images

Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party Download podcast and radio show.

New study reveals that King Tut died in a chariot crash
He passed away at 19 years old, and now they think he died in a chariot accident. Forensic scientists in England did a virtual autopsy, and his injuries match a car crash scenario. He has multiple injuries on one side, his ribes were shattered, his pelvis was shattered.

Coconut water is running out. Prepare for the L.A. panic
The world's supply of coconut water could be running out, according to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization. The global demand for coconut products is up, and the rate of production in Asia, where about 85 percent of the world's coconuts are grown is down because the coconut trees in Asia are old.

Older coconut trees release fewer coconuts. Most of the coconut trees in Asia were planted right after World War II, and the average harvest is only about 40 coconuts where a young coconut tree between 10 and 30 has between 75 and 150 coconuts.

This week in 1883, ‘gentleman thief’ Black Bart finally botched a job 
Charles Bowles, who went by the name Black Bart, was a bank robber. His life of crime started after he lost his silver mine in Montana. At the time Wells Fargo bank employees decided they wanted the land.

They decided to cut off his water supply, so he had to give it up. He swore revenge on Wells Fargo and started robbing Wells Fargo stagecoaches of their money. After a while he started leaving poems behind in the safes.

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