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The Friday Flashback

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie won re-election this week, and made it on the cover of Time Magazine. Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

Sorry.  The President apologizes for saying no one who likes their health care plan would lose it.

Mostly Republican Virginia elects a Democrat as governor.  Mostly Democratic New Jersey re-elects a Republican as governor.  And the moderate wing of the GOP shows it can take on the Tea Party.

How might this affect the 2014 election cycle?  And, with Latinos once again proving influential in this week's elections, have the odds for issues they favor, such as immigration reform gone up?

Just some of the questions we tackle in our weekly analysis of the big stories in the news.  David Gura of Marketplace, and Nancy Cook of National Journal also opine on the chances the bi-partisan, bi-cameral budget commission will actually be able to come up with a plan to forestall the next government funding crisis.

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