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Garden City: Tending to a cultural crossroads in Kansas

by Peggy Lowe, Harvest Public Media | Take Two®

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Sister Janice Thome at a local Garden City school. Thome teaches several classes, including a teen parenting class at the Garden City alternative high school. Peggy Lowe/Harvest Public Media

The growth of jobs in meat-packing plants in the rural Midwest has created an unexpected challenge: immigrant families in need of food, housing, and education. 

Yesterday, we brought you a story about a small town in Missouri whose schools are the safety net for the kids of workers at a Tyson poultry plant. This morning is the second of three reports on children living "In the Shadows of the Slaughterhouse."

Peggy Lowe of Harvest Public Media reports from Garden City, Kansas. City leaders there are embracing the town's cultural change, which is driven by its newest citizens.

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