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Sports Roundup: Miami Dolphins, NFL rules, tailgating and more

by Take Two®

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A Miami Dolphins fan holds a sign for Richie Incognito during a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on November 11, 2013 in Tampa, Florida. Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Dolphins can't swim away from controversy, when going for a run is a punishable offense and how a full, flowing head of hair can be charitable as well as beautiful. 

For these topics and more, we're joined by Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, who have covered sports for the Los Angeles Times and ESPN. 

The Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito story just keeps on giving. Martin and Incognito were teammates on the Miami Dolphins. Martin has accused Incognito of racial and physical threats. Incognito admits he made them, but that they were a normal aspect of their friendship. Could this all just be that Martin and Incognito's friendship boundaries weren't quite in sync?

The NFL wants to get to make sure they talk to Martin before the Dolphins do. What do you think they'll ask him?

To the field, the Dolphins actually played Monday and did not look good. Could this situation be too big for a team to recover from?

Fear of negative press for hazing has spilled into other sports, right?  

A lot of football fans haven't been happy over rule changes the NFL has made to try to avoid injuries, now Major League Baseball is getting in on it too. 

A lot of this springs from the "culture" of each particular sport. Some have called for fighting to be banned in the NHL but most hockey fans start to hyperventilate at the though because they say it's part of the "culture."

A fun part of football culture is tailgating, but everyone knows you really  can't have fun unless there are rules in place.  

I think we could have a weekly segment called dumb NCAA rulings because they seem to come up a lot. What's the latest? 

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